FAQ nipple


1. Q. How long does shipping take? 

A. 5-7 Business Days Standard Shipping. 1-3 Business Days for Expedited Shipping for US orders

2. Q. How many wears can you get out of the Nipppy Covers? 

A. Our Nipple Covers can be used up to 120 TIMES MINIMUM! Note that the longevity depends on the user and factors that may affect the stickiness of the adhesive. 

3. Q. How do you clean it?

A. Washing gently with soap and water can reactivate the adhesive.

4. Q: Are these waterproof & Sweat Proof? 

A: Yes they are! They will stick to you all day long. 

If you don’t have adhesive sensitivity, the nipple cover can be worn all day long.


5. Q: Do you ship worldwide? 

 A: Yes, we do. Delivery times may vary with locations

6. Q: Are the covers waterproof and sweatproof? 

A: Yes they are! Check out some of our videos in our social media of us testing them.  We suggest to not apply products on their skin before putting the product on for them to work better

7. Q: Can these be used for sensitive skin? 

A: Yes but some people could still be sensitive/ allergic to medical grade adhesive.  Please discontinue if you develop any irritation or rashes. We suggest that you consult with your Doctors or dermatologists or doing a patch test with our nipple cover before using

8. Q: How to take care of your NIPPPY Covers?   

A:Gently rinse with water and mild soap. Shake off the excess water and air dry for 10-15 minutes. Put back the plastic cover and store. 

9. Q: How can I use it? 

A: Make sure you're clean. Do not use any type of moisturizer on your skin before applying our nipple covers. Simply cover and hold for a few seconds to keep in place. 

11. Q: Will this cause my boob to sag instead of bras? 

A: No, there are a ton of benefits of going braless which can also improve breast shape among many other benefits. Braless comfort all day long! 

12. Q: Are they seamless and can I wear them under white tops?

A: Yes! Our nipppy covers are seamless and will blend seamlessly onto your skin like its not even there!